Antler Tips



antler tips

Antler Tangs or Tips whichever you prefer to call them

are available in a variety of sizes

from small which is ideal for necklaces, earings etc

medium for whistles, firesteels tops etc

large which are ideal for a bushcrafters flute or cutting down

for instance for a few smaller projects

Approx Sizes

Small 50mm X 13mm

Medium 50mm - 80mm  X  15mm - 17mm

Large 120mm - 160mm  X  20mm

X Large 200mm - 250mm  X Variable

The list of uses is only exhaustive by your imagination



Price £2.99 each  50mm X 13mm


Price £3.99 each  50mm - 80mm  X  15mm - 17mm


Price £6.99 each  120mm - 160mm  X  20mm


Price £9.99 each  200mm - 250mm  X Variable