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Welcome to Survival and Safety School



Our Outdoor Activities are based in Scotland UK, Each Survival Course at our Survival School is designed to teach individuals from beginners to skilled survivalists new Outdoor Survival Skill, from bushcraft to wilderness training, Outdoor Survival Techniques and a host of other Outdoor Pursuits,


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Let our Wilderness Survival School take you on an adventure and learn new Outdoor Skills which one day might even save your life, Learn how to survive like Ray Mears and many others have done in the past,

Our outdoor weekend courses are educational as well as fun,

You are looked after at our Survival School and as long as you are prepared you will not spend the weekend cold or wet through,

Dietary requirements for specific reasons can be catered for as long as we have prior notice we can source alternative food which is suitable, Also a question we get asked a lot is about diabetics, As long as we are aware of your condition you are most welcome, Our Instructors have first hand knowledge of the condition and are well experienced,

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Before embarking on any of our Wilderness Survival Courses you will require a kit list, You will not need to go out shopping for expensive items before you arrive to us, Most of the kit list you will already have maybe for the exception of sleeping bag, rucksack or mess tins, I am sure you will be able to borrow from a friend if you dont have these items yourself,

If you are disabled don't be put off at the first hurdle, email us with details of your disablement and we will let you know if it is possible to take a Wilderness Survival Course with us,


  • Our Instructors are CRB checked,
  • HSE 1st Aid Trained
  • We are a member of IOL (The Institute of Outdoor Learning)
  • We have £5,000,000 Public Liability Insurance and £100,000 omissions Insurance


We also keep in continuous contact with you after you have booked a Survival Course ensuring that you arrive safely and leave us with the minimum of trouble,

We have our own Survival School premises in which you and the rest of your course members  will meet, Here you will be able to have tea, coffee, hot chocolate etc, leave valuables in the safe, WC facilities and get changed if need be, get a light lunch before setting off into the Wilderness,  

3 day survival course from our wilderness survival school, learn how to survive

With many years of experience in Corporate and Private Tuition, We are now open to the public to allow individual people or groups to gain the same knowledge and skills, Drawing on many years experience gained in the military and other services our Survival Training Instructors will take you on your chosen Outdoor Survival Course

These courses can be tailored to suit specific requirements based on your needs,


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Take this opportunity to browse through our Survival Courses and Bushcraft Courses

Select the one that suits you best and place your booking, It's as simple as that, If you have gone as far as finding our site then you are well on your way to surviving life's disasters,

Too many people go off hiking, walking, rock climbing touring etc, ill equipped and with a lack of knowledge, Don't be one of them,

These courses take place in various locations throughout Scotland, depending on the type of course you are on,        For instance - Our short courses take place throughout the Strathclyde and Dumfries & Galloway regions,            And our 5 Day course takes place in Ayrshire, Aviemore and other locations in Scotland, This will be discussed at time of booking,

We have secure vehicle parking facilities, manned 24 hours a day covered by cctv at our Survival School, All courses start from this location, and proceed either on foot or transport provided by our Survival School,


We also offer a collection service from the closest bus station, train station, ferry terminal or airport, You will be collected by one of our Range Rovers, Provided this service is requested well in advance of your Course,

We can also arrange for accommodation the night before your course if required,

Full equipment list and information leaflets will be despatched when your booking form and payment are received,

Course places are limited, and fill up suprisingly quick, so place your booking early to avoid disappointment, as we will not overdo client numbers on Survival Courses, This is Survival Training at its best,

On your Survival Course whichever you choose, you will work with the animals which roam the land, It will be your choice as to whether you eat them or not,

You will be provided with proper food and not expected to get by on what you can gather or catch, Although it is in your interests to at least taste what you prepare,

We do not use ration packs as a food subsitute, we use real food, that way you get to experience different foods, You will learn how to do fire by friction, Survival Shelters, trapping and snaring game, plus lots more,

You're not here for punishment, You're here to gain knowledge and experience,


We have now  1 and 2 day workshop courses which cover knife making, leathercraft, bow making, knife forging, fire lighting, bow drill, fire pistonflint and steel, primtive skills, nordic style knife making,                bushcraft utility knife making, 

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For more information Tel:  01292 531885  or  07753313906


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Here is some of the items we carry in our online shop

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Survival Courses







Our Survival Courses at our Wilderness Outdoor Survival School have Wilderness Outdoor Survival Courses which  learn you how to survive in the outdoors,  learn you new Outdoor Survival Techniques,