Knife Kit 4






bushcraft hunting knifemaking kit bushcraft hunting knifemakin kit

The wood in the picture may vary. Picture for illustration purposes only


Alan has had numerous requests from customers  

to have an 01 Tool Steel Knife Kit for sale

Here it is, made from the best Carbon Steel

Well balance in hand when completed

A beautiful blade that when finished is a stunning knife

All bushcrafters seek 01 Tool Carbon Steel for their craft

but it is a very versatile knife and is suitable for all sorts of jobs


Your Knife Making Kit Contains the following


1 X Full Tang Blade 01 Tool Steel

Bears the A Finlay Logo

approx  215mm Overall

Handle 110mm

Blade 105mm

2 X 4mm Brass Pins

1 x 6mm Brass Hollow Tube for Lanyard Loop

2 part epoxy resin

1 Hardwood Block or 2 Scales (wood types will vary depending on stock)

The different types of wood are shown below
Your kit will contain one of them

Enough leather for sheath with Sheath Pattern

Sheath leather will either be predyed or natural

If natural dye will be supplied 

Leather glue,  thread and 2 needles

Full instructions

bushcraft hunting knife making kit
An example of a finished knife

This kit has the hard work done on the blade

What you will need to do is to bond and pin your handle material, 
shape, sand and seal it, polish your cutting edge if you wish, 
make your sheath and start using
, from time to time there may be a
imperfection on the A Finlay logo



Price  £89.99