Possibles Pouch

Possibles Pouch


possibles pouch leather leather possibles bag

This is a genuine A Finlay Handcrafted Leather Belt Possibles Pouch

Colours available, Antique Dark Tan, Midnight Black and Light Tan is available

Measures 5" L X 5 3/4" H X 2" W

This is one of the largest belt possibles pouch we do

I have been teaching Bushcraft and Survival in my 4 Survival Schools for over 20 years and have found if a belt pouch is too big, awkward or heavy you would be reluctant to wear it all the time, After all the idea of a possibles pouch is to carry what you will possibly need and have quick access to,

Its not much use to you at the bottom of your rucksack because it is too heavy to wear,

All Hand Cut, Dyed, Stitched etc,

With a double locking system on the front


A High Low Belt rig on the rear

This belt rig allows you to wear High waisted on your belt


In split seconds Low slung to allow for rucksacks etc,

If you pack this pouch correctly you will never be stuck,


Price:  £59.99

Please choose colour carefully




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