Brass Catapult with Antler



brass catapult antler handle brass catapult antler handle

This catapult is designed the same as the old Milbro design

Tried and tested over the years

It has a polished Brass body

and Antler Handle

Which form a comfortable and positive handgrip

Fitted with 2 X 30mm long 7mm square elastics and leather ball retainer

for far superior distance, accuracy and much much greater power

Measures approx

160mm Tall

65mm at its Widest

This Catapult gives you the ability to change the

handle grip at any time

If you find the handle is too small or too big it is easy to change

It has an internal threaded shaft which is adjustable

top and bottom

Sometimes people just want to change their handles for a new look


Price  £79.99