Where are you based? We are based in Ayrshire, Scotland. For Location click here

Where is the nearest Airport to you? Prestwick International Airport is the nearest Airport to us.

Can we get a lift from the Airport? Yes, as long as we have notice we will lift you from the Airport.

Do you provide accommodation the night before the course? We ourselves do not provide accommodation, but we will make a booking for you with local B&B if you require accommodation.

How do we get from the B&B to your survival premises? As long as it is arranged we pick you up in the morning and bring you to our premises.

Can we arrange a lift from the Train Station or Bus Station in Ayr? Yes, as long as we have prior notice we will pick you up from these points.

Do you have the phone number for the Airport? Click here for the link to Prestwick International Airport.

I am in Ireland, can I get a ferry and then get a lift from you? Yes, as long as we have prior notice.

Do you have the Irish Ferry Terminal's number? Click here for a link to their site. They have a ferry service which sails into Troon.

I dont have a knife where should I get one from?

We have a large selection of knives here for sale. So I am sure you will find one that suits you.

What sort of string do we bring? Any good strong string, preferably paracord.

I dont have mess tins where would I get these? We have mess tins here for sale or lease on the premises.

Do we need accommodation the nights of the course? No, the nights of your course you will be sleeping in shelters you make.

Do I need a tent with me? No, You will not be using tents, you will be making shelters.

Can I bring a camera with me? Yes, you are welcome to bring a camera. Actually it is a good idea.

How physical is the course? You do not need to be a marathon runner for our courses unless of course you are on the    escape and evasion course. We do not hike you for miles and miles. You are here to learn. Anyone can go for a hike anyday.

What equipment do I need? When you have booked your course a full kit list will be sent to you along with all your other instructions. The majority of items you will have already.

I am a vegetarian. will this be a problem? No, as long as we have prior notice we can accommodate your diet so that it does not include meat.

I wish along with some of my mates to have a private course, can you help? Yes, as long as your group is 4 or more for the 3 day survival course, and if it is the                    2 day course there must be 6 or more in your group.

Do you have a minimum age limit? Yes, Under 16's must be accompanied by an adult. Family groups can have as young as 6 yrs old.