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All our items are traditionally made by hand and have proved to be very popular, Our products range from handcrafted knives, leather sheaths, long bows, firesteels, bushcraft items, knife care, flint items, to necklaces, with other handcrafted products in between,

We have over the years supplied many clients privately and have now decided to offer our items on our website,

Our goods that are advertised can be bought as shown but they can also be custom made with a range of choices, but please remember that as with all handcrafted items they will take time to produce ranging from a day or two to considerably longer at peak times,  (depending on the time of year, this could be longer),

Our items are handcrafted to the highest quality but as with all handcrafted items, there will be slight differences to the pictures that are shown, we do try our utmost to keep to the same patter but from time to time maybe the dye reacts differently to the wood or leather and therefore the item looks different from the picture shown, this is just an example of how there could be a difference,

One of our specialities is to take your personal property and incorporate it into your article, For instance knife scales (handle) could be made from wood that you supply i.e: a piece of furniture handed down through the generations, antler or bone you found on a walk,  On our walking sticks it is becoming quite popular for us to incorporate coins, items of jewellery such as a wedding ring etc, id tags etc, If you have an idea then email us with your request,

All our items are bespoke, hand crafted works of art with each one as individual as you are with it’s own special identity,

No two pieces are the same which is unique in itself,  We take great pride in our handcrafted items

The items that are pictured can be bought as they are or you may choose from the many combinations offered, 

In compliance with current law you must be 18 years or over to purchase any knife on our website,

If you have any questions please check our FAQ page first, your question may have already been answered, If you need to contact us, email is by far the easiest way as our emails are always answered on a regular basis,

We hope you enjoy looking and shopping on our site,


For orders outside of the UK     We will invoice an extra postage charge to you if you are outside the UK, We do try as much as possible to despatch without doing this but due to high postal charges sometimes we have no choice, 



For more information Tel:  01292 531885  or  07753313906 

Here are some of the items we carry in our online shop

bushcraft knife,  fire piston,  fire steel,  flint and firesteel,  bow drill kit,  leather sheath,  belt pouch,  walking sticks,  handcrafted knives,  primitive fire making,  leather belt pouch,  leather possibles pouch,  handcrafted thumbstick,  longbow kit,  leather knife sheath,  handcrafted jewellery,  01 tool steel knife, 01 tool steel knives,  bow drills,  jr long bow kit,  diy kit,