I wondered if you could email me the photos you took of us please? I
didn't really get to say thanks and say what a great time I'd had as I
thought we'd see you in the morning.

It really was a great weekend and I'll hopefully do something like that again
as its made me want to know more! How much is the 7 day survival course?

Thanks again, Hayley.

Hi Jan/Alan

Well we got home eventually on Monday morning !!

I just wanted to say thanks for a great weekend: I personally found it fascinating.
It's been a long time since I learnt as much as that !!

I also learnt a lot about myself and I thank you for that. 
Ben was constantly intrigued and surprised, he was actually a different
boy in my view (for the better I hasten to add !!).

He has been talking about the weekend incessantly and can't wait to go do 
and do his own thing. He's even talked about joining the Army
(not sure about that myself!!).

By the way they are great lads...you must be very proud.

If you guys are ever in London please contact me...I can give you some
lessons in Urban Survival !!!!

Many Thanks, once again.


Dear Alan,

I wanted to say thank you for getting me to the station yesterday & for the

I had a fantastic time and it was a pleasure to have been a part
of it. I really enjoyed all aspects of the course & you and your family were
so welcoming and a pleasure to be with.

Thank you again & best wishes for the future...



Hi Alan,

I just wanted to say thanks for the brilliant course two weekends ago.
Entertaining, educational and definitely empowering.

All the best,


Hi Alan,

Thank you very much for a fantastic experience. We all had a wonderful

To say it was a life changing experience for us may sound over dramatic to
you, but how it affected us all, from what we learnt in the field to what we
learnt about ourselves and each other was really eye opening.

The girls have come back with an amazing new confidence in themselves.
We have always been a close family, but this has brought us closer.

Your extreme professionalism, extensive knowledge and the amount we learnt
from you in such a short space of time was incredible. It wasn't until we
were driving back to our campsite and were discussing it that we realised
just how much we had picked up from you.

We were talking and writing everything down as we drove back to Birmingham,
not just what you had shown us, but all the little bits of information you gave us whilst chatting.

One of the biggest surprises to all of us was the extremes of emotions we
went through at various times, from very high to very low. It was one thing
we weren't expecting at all, but again was good experience that we will
learn from and be prepared for in the future.

On a lighter note you made a real impact with the girls when discussing how
to despatch a rabbit in a trap. Lucie found her Opinel knife when we got back,
and as if from no where a smile appeared.

While out with you we must have appeared like headless chickens, but having
digested all we have learnt and discussing through our individual
experiences we feel next time we will be able to assess our situation
better, allocate different duties to the strength of each person and work
more closely as a team.

Please pass on our sincere thanks to Chris, Ali, Geoff and Toni who we know worked
like Trojans to make our experience an unforgettable one.

Should anyone require a recommendation about your course, please do not
hesitate to pass on our e-mail address to them, it would be our pleasure to

We hope to see you again in the future

Thanks again for everything

Stuart, Jacqui, Lucie, Charlotte and Beth (the Browns)

Dear Alan

Well I'm back to work now so I can use the e.mail system there.

I would just like to say how very much I enjoyed the 3 day course 
which I undertook with you in July. Yourself, Alan jnr and Chris
help to make my experience of the survival adventure one to remember
for a long time.

Meeting people and working with a different group of people is always
rewarding and I learnt and tried out a lot of new skills.

Some of which have sent me to the woods to practice my firelighting skills.
(My wife thinks I've gone mad)

The instruction was first class along with the relaxed drinking tea atmosphere
which you created within the group. You did mention that sometimes you
invite people back for a short break to help or join in on occasions if this
is was an offer I would love to take you up on it if it was convenient to

I,m quite happy just to sit there quietly and drink tea (Next time I
will bring some fags). If not well hopefully you will see me again in the
future for the advanced survival course. Any way enough of that old guff.

Once again thank you very much, give my regards to Alan Jnr and Chris and
thank them for the fags

All the best Jon Lewis

P.S If you are ever down in the mid Wales area gives us a shout we have
plenty of room in the garden or woods, or possible the house which ever
suits. Also you mentioned that you may have some photo's to e.mail to us
that would be great if there is a few, my camera was a bit crap so pictures
not great.

All the best Jon


It was probably the most fun thing I have done in years. 8 out of 10! **)

You may post this reply and quote me in context.


The course struck a very good balance of what can & cannot be taught in a few days. It most definitely was not boot camp, in fact it was probably one of the most humorous and relaxed courses I have ever participated in. Having spent some time around "military" types,

I was really surprised at just how much fun and relaxed the whole approach was. Our instructors Alan and his sons Chris and "Alan Jr" were all extremely competent and genuinely interested in fieldcraft; this is not just a job to them!

They were all very helpful, "jumping" in to give advice when necessary, yet having the experience to know when to "take a back seat" and let me make my own mistakes. All the instructors were competent and skilled, I felt completely safe, knowing I was in expert hands.

I particularly liked the fact that it was not just a bushcraft course, it subtly focused on the mindset of a "survivor" (probably the most valuable tool to have with you in a life threatening situation). The concepts of keeping things simple, trying to look beyond the obvious usages for an object, not wasting valuable calories - [you may not eat tonight]; were all subtly drilled in.

I learned these lessons the hard way; I constructed what I thought was a great shelter, it took me approx 3 hours and an enormous amount of calories to build it. Alan informed me that for one evenings stay, I wasted too much effort both in calories and time, in a real survival situation I may not have eaten that night. Luckily this was a controlled environment and I was going to eat that night, I wont make that mistake again....

It was the small things that made the biggest impact to me, the concepts of KISS were enforced over and over again.

For example the simplicity of cooking fish on hot bed of stones instead of constructing a fancy wooden fork ( as seen on TV ). It may look "cool" but if your fish falls into the fire your going hungry!


None really, however you could have told us we stunk...!

Would I do it again?

Absolutely ! I would love to do a longer course (if you'll have me back) - maybe on my next birthday!