Wood Carving Tools



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 Bushcrafters and carpenters alike can use the tools below

Carving tools ideal for beginners to experienced craftsmen

We are adding new tools every week

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bushcraft draw knife small

 Draw Knife Small


large draw knife bushcraft 

Draw Knife Large


 A Finlay wood carving detail chisels 

Wood Carving Detail Chisels


carver and hook knife set without sheath 

Carver and Hook Knife Set


carver and hook set with sheath 

Carver & Hook Knife Set & Sheath


hook knife with sheath 

Single Hook Knife with Pouch


buffalo horn lock knife 

Buffalo Lock Knife


kuska cup olive wood 

Kuska Cup


bushcraft cup rosewood 

Bushcraft Cup Rosewood





















































A Finlay woo carving detail chisels

 Wood Carving Detail Chisels


single sided hook knife 

Single Hook Knife


wood carving set 1 

Wood Carving Set 1


palm chisels 

Wood Carving Palm Chisels


crook knife hook knife 

Hook Knife (Crook Knife)


hook knife and sheath 

Hook Knife with Sheath


double pouch for carving tools 

Double Sheath for Carving Tools


kuska bowl olive wood medium 

Kuska Bowl Med


bushcraft bowl medium rosewood 

Bushcraft Bowl Med Rosewood


































boxed chisels

 Boxed Wood Chisels


carver knife 

The Carver Bushcrafter


carver and hook knife set with sheath 

Hook & Carver & Sheath


wood carving set 2 

Wood Carving Set 2



Bushcraft Axe Large


hook knife pouch 

Hook Knife Sheath


2 blade pocket knife burnt bone handle 

2 Blade Pocket Knife


kuska bowl olive wood large 

Kuska Bowl Large


bushcraft bowl large rosewood 

Bushcraft Bowl Lrg Rosewood